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Aitchison Tutors in Lahore

Our Aitchison tutors, in Lahore, are top professional home tutors. They provide home tuition and online tuitions for regular classes, and they are specifically trained for the Aitchison Colleg admission test preparation for admissions in Year 1 (K1) to Year 7 (E2), and Year 8 (E3) to Year 9 (O Levels Part 1) and Year (12) AS Level of the Prep School, Junior School and Senior School respectively. Over the past years, our tutors have provided home tuitions and online tutoring to hundreds of Aitchison College students for all classes, ranging from prep to O Levels and A Level. They are highly expert in Cambridge International Exams, be it Maths, English, Urdu, Science or any other subject.

Aitchison College was the first elite school in the region, founded by the British government, with the mission to offer an education that is exemplary – in terms of quality, grooming, standards, responsibility, and development of individuality to meet the needs of a vibrant community. Aitchison College is a Cambridge Associate School – situated in Lahore, and it caters the needs of all students from Prep to O/A Levels.

Classes our Aitchison Tutors Cover

  • Aitchison Prep School Tutors
  • Aitchison Junior School Tutors
  • Aitchison Senior School Tutors
  • Our home and online tutors also provide tutoring for admission tests of all levels at Aitchison.

Our Tutors’ Profile

Our top tutors teach prep, junior and senior classes at the top-tier schools of Lahore, including Aitchison College; and they have years of experience of delivering stellar results to the Cambridge International students. They take each student as a case, and assess them for their individual needs and devise a strategy to deliver the results and surpass it in the minimum time. On average, they have 18 years of qualification and 10 years of teaching experience.

Tutoring Methodology

Our tutoring methodology is divided into two parts:

  • Diagnostic Test

This is the starting point, where our professional tutors thoroughly diagnose the Aitchison student taking tutoring and identify the areas where his strength and weakness lie. Upon identification of the weak/problem areas – to continually improve the knowledge base, critical thinking and learning skills – a roadmap and strategy are designed using the agile methodology, where the goals are divided into days, weeks and months.

  • Self-audit

Our tutors for aitchison college are committed to making learning gap-free, and take every measure to fill the gap. If the strategy, they devised for the student is, somehow, not working and the student is not making progress as expected, then a self-audit is made by the tutor where he goes above and beyond to reassess the gap and re-devise/adjust a strategy to make the learning gap-free.

Tutoring Options

For Aitchison students, depending upon both the student’s and tutor’s locations and availability, both online and in-home (home tuition) options are available.

Aitchison College Curriculum

Our tutors teach the Cambridge curriculum which is approved and recommended by the Aitchison College and the respective Aitchison teachers.

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